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Meet The Team

Welcome to the heart of Mountain Mover Facades, where our team of skilled and passionate individuals bring every glass and glazing project to life with a spirit unrivaled in our industry. United under the banner of PVC – Purpose, Vision, and Core Values, we are more than just glaziers.  We are mountain movers, on fire to make a positive impact in our company, industry, and community!

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Embark on a journey with Mountain Mover Facades, where our ethos and innovative strides in the realm of glass and glazing come to illuminate the skylines of the modern world. We breathe life into an otherwise inanimate material, weaving it into the tapestry of structures that not only defy aesthetic norms but also stand resilient against the hands of time. Driven by a compelling Purpose, guided by a future-focused Vision, and steadfastly anchored by our Core Values, our journey transcends the mere act of building, evolving into an art of creating sustainable, striking, and meaningful facades.

It is here, in this harmonious confluence of meticulous craftsmanship and pioneering innovation, that Mountain Mover Facades finds its true essence. Our endeavors go beyond architecture, reaching into the realm of sculpting landscapes, ensuring that each creation reflects not only our skill and expertise but also the unwavering integrity and passionate spirit that are quintessential Mountain Movers.

Roger Cantrell

General Manager

Roger is the husband of his wife Lauren and father to his two boys Zachary and Zayden. He grew up in a small town in northeast Texas on a farm. He started his glazing career in 2011 on the assembly line for an aluminum manufacturer. Since then, he has held several different positions in production, manufacturing, and leadership. The past six years have taught him so much about the industry, leadership, and the importance of pouring into people. In his General Manager role, Roger will oversee the manufacturing and field arms of the business and is passionate about building a culture where people love to come to work.

What Makes Roger Weird?

Roger loves throwing random faces at people to get a smile and making fun of Kevin for being a super weirdo.
Roger Cantrell

Kevin Carey


Kevin is the proud husband to his beautiful wife Sadie and father to his princess, Quinn. He has been involved in construction for over 20 years. He started as a carpenter, building houses, garages, and decks. Kevin’s dad was a career union caulker in Chicago. Shortly after graduating college, his dad got him an interview with a glazing company that he was doing caulking for in 2007. Since then, he has remained in the glazing industry, holding various positions including Project Manager, Estimator, Precon Manager, Director of Sales, and Executive Vice President. His current role with MMF will be CEO, where he will beat the drum of the purpose, vision, and core values every single day.

What Makes Kevin Weird?

The easier question would be what DOESN’T make Kevin weird? He lives for the weirdness including the witty banter, funny faces, crazy sayings, childish fun, nerf gun battles, and helping each person unlock their own weirdness!

Jeff Kraemer

VP of Operations

Jeff is responsible for directing and overseeing MMF’s daily operations. Drawing from his experience involved in projects both large and small, Jeff’s focus is on ensuring client satisfaction throughout the full construction process and promoting an internal culture of individual growth, improvement, and consistency. In his free time, Jeff enjoys being outdoors – snowboarding, hiking, and discovering new places and can often be overheard quoting “The Office.”

What Makes Jeff Weird?

Jeff is the weirdo you don’t see coming. But don’t let him fool you. He’s got the weirdness bug for sure. Usually revolving around banter with Simon. He lives for dropping the witty one liners that get everyone laughing.

Jeff Kraemer
Simon Toole

Simon Toole

Senior Estimator

Simon is married to his wife Mikayla and father to his daughter, Elissa. He grew up in a small town in East Texas where everyone knew everybody. Simon graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler and started his career in the construction industry in 2019 as a glazing subcontractor. He was able to use his experience gained from there for a change of scenery and went to work for a large aluminum manufacturer. His past work experiences have helped him further his understanding of systems and operations. At Mountain Mover Facades, Simon will be a Senior Estimator helping the Pre-Construction department by not just submitting estimates but putting people first and being a light to other newcomers to the industry. He knows most graduates don’t get the warm welcome/uplifting orientation to the industry like he did and he wants to change that.

What Makes Simon Weird?

Simon is the KING of funny expressions and random sounds. No one needs to be around for this weirdness either. He doesn’t mind blurting out sounds by himself.

Dylan Turner

VP of Preconstruction

Dylan Turner is a highly experienced professional with15 years of expertise in the glazing industry. Beyond his professional achievements, Dylan is also a proud father of three. With a strong background in pre-construction, Dylan has established himself as a trusted expert in commercial glazing projects. Throughout his career, Dylan has been involved in a wide range of commercial glazing projects, from office buildings and hotels to retail spaces and educational institutions. His extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry have allowed him to excel in project planning, cost estimation, material selection, and ensuring seamless coordination between architects, contractors, and suppliers. Whether you are a contractor seeking guidance on glazing solutions for a commercial project or an architect looking to collaborate on innovative designs, Dylan Turner is a go-to expert in the field. 

What Makes Dylan Weird?

Dylan loves scratching blinds while in deep thought and pacing while talking on the phone until he walks into a dead zone and drops the call. He’s always ready for that new funny saying to scream out loud in the hallway and down for a hearty laugh!

Dylan Turner
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General Superintendent

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Admin Assistant

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Our team is focused on building long lasting relationships in the commercial construction industry.
We do in house estimating, project management, drafting, manufacturing, and installation of glass & glazing systems and ancillary scope items.